My mom does all the grocery shopping


Not being able to kiss someone you really rEALLY REALLY wanna kiss is kinda sad and very dumb.

You were my whole galaxy, while I was merely a star in yours.
(59/365) by (DS)

Tyler (on how Shelley and Tyler first met): My truly most embarrassing moment was when I went into the hair and make-up trailer, and I was aware that Jill Wagner who plays Kate was back on the show and I’d gone in. I had some stuff on my hands and hair, and I see this one getting her hair done, so it’s just this side hair thing and it’s very similar to Jill. And I came to give her a hug, just thought I’d run over and say hi. So I ran over, gave her a kiss on the cheek, turned, definitely not Jill, and I immediately went, “You’re not Jill, you’re not Jill, I just assaulted you, I’m so sorry. Oh, my God, hi, I’m Tyler, nice to meet you.” 

Holland: In Tyler Hoechlin’s world, a kiss on the cheek is an assault. 

Tyler: I just invaded her personal space!  


200% sure that all of my friend have secret meetings where they just talk about how annoying I am

Your father let me in.

He did? oh, yeah, of course he did. 


dear professor i couldn’t finish my homework because life is pointless

Shhh.. look at me


u deserve a nice person who texts u back and buys u jelly beans and doesn’t kiss other people behind ur back and who makes u laugh and thinks ur funny